Always raising the bar.

Resting on our laurels is not an option at Spartan. We’ve challenged ourselves to constantly imagine, innovate, and invent to create solutions that work in the streets, where the heat of the moment is the true test of an emergency response.

Practical innovation that works where and when you need it most, in the heat of the call.

Smart Reach Aerial Technology

To perform at your best, you need the freedom to focus on what’s most important—saving lives. That’s why we designed Smart Reach™ Multi-Stance™, the patented new Smeal ladder control system. Its 360-degree, no-dead-zone functionality adapts automatically to any scene while maintaining full reach. Multi-Stance™ delivers full access, accelerates reaction time, and gives you the freedom to operate.


With the ECO IDLE-TEC idle mitigation system, operation costs are reduced with less fuel consumption and less engine wear. The ECO IDLE-TEC battery-powered idle mitigation system can automatically switch off the engine on non-fire related calls, eliminating engine noise and exhaust heat.


Designed with advanced Photohydroionization® (PHI Cell) and UV technology, the Active Air Purification System kills 99% of pathogens, including the virus which causes COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces delivering better air quality and a safer cab environment for your crew.

Ergon™ Hose Loader (EHL)

Easily load and store hose with the Ergon Hose Loader (EHL), available on Smeal aerials and pumpers. Instead of loading on top of the truck, a hydraulically actuated tray extends and retracts from the back of the body, reserving the crew’s energy and making storage safer with no climbing necessary. It’s an easier, faster and more ergonomic way to load and unload hoses all made possible with the Ergon Hose Loader, exclusively from Spartan ER.

Spartan Advanced Protection System®

The Spartan Advanced Protection System® (APS) is the #1 safety system in the industry. Designed and purpose-built for firefighters, it combines forward-thinking apparatus safety,
developed around the needs of the first responder.

NXT Pumper

The NXT pumper offers fire departments a powerful pumper in a more compact design, making it one of the most versatile pumpers in the industry. Its tight turn radius, high horsepower, and maximum water flows make it the perfect solution for urban, suburban, or rural operational challenges. Designed with a low-profile pump located behind the cab under the seating extension, the NXT pumper offers added room and storage options in an already spacious cab.

NXT 110’ Aerial

The NXT 110 yields maximum and unrestricted performance with up to 750-pound tip load, at any angle and extension. This performance combined with a low profile pump and short overall length deliver unprecedented maneuverability without sacrificing compartment space or performance. A more compact, yet powerful NXT pump with up to 2,250 GPM and a 500 gallon tank provides the power needed to manage any situation.