For over a century, Spartan Emergency Response (ER) and its portfolio of brands—Smeal Fire Apparatus and Ladder Tower (LT)—have established a legacy as leading full-line builders of custom fire apparatus. Today, Spartan ER continues to build on the legacies that firefighters trust, with an expertise in pumpers, steel aerials and platforms.

Our vast dealer network comprises coverage in 44 states in the U.S., 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada and multiple countries in Latin America. Known for breakthrough innovations in safety, ergonomics and serviceability, Spartan ER engineering, manufacturing and sales teams have developed an agile, highly collaborative culture to serve their customers and industry from multiple manufacturing sites across the U.S.

Virtually anything is possible with Spartan ER, because we deliver flexible, strategic, specialized solutions to meet each unique fire department need, always putting first responders first.

Since becoming part of REV Group in 2020, the Spartan potential grows stronger every day.



At Spartan ER, we believe true safety begins with ergonomics. We engineer our fire apparatus with innovations that optimize functional design for unparalleled crew safety, comfort and efficiency. We are driven to providing first responders their optimal working environment, offering them only the best of the best.



We believe the possibilities are endless in our quest to deliver the very best in ergonomics, safety, serviceability and agility for our customers. Taking our inspiration from first responders, we continually listen and collaborate to ensure they have the right equipment readily accessible when responding to emergencies.



With centers of engineering and manufacturing excellence around the country, Spartan ER is the collaborative, full-line builder of custom fire apparatus with expertise in pumpers, steel aerials and platforms. Spartan ER provides high-performing aerial and steel ladder solutions that meet every department’s needs, no matter the operational environment.



Spartan ER has built on the legacies that firefighters trust. For over a century, we have been making possibilities a reality for fire crews. Our culture of collaboration and passion for the industry grows stronger every day.



Ergonomic Leading Design

Everything we build at Spartan ER is designed to be safer, easier to operate and more comfortable for fire crews. Our designs ease repetitive tasks with improved ergonomics and make maintenance easier with the ServeEaseTM System. The Spartan Fire Chassis cab provides safety and comfort innovations such as the Spartan Advanced Protection System (APS) along with the Advanced Climate System with integrated roof ducting and venting. Raised roof design and other ergonomic cab and body design features offer more space and reduced hazards for crews and their equipment. Improving safety, comfort and convenience for fire crews is the driving force at Spartan ER.

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Tri-Max™ Space Body Design

Having the right equipment readily accessible is a must when responding to emergencies. Our innovative Tri-Max Space Body Design provides more room and space for wider compartment doors per the length of the truck. It’s all made possible with innovation that uses an engineered structure to minimize pillar placement while also retaining body strength. These extruded tubes serve double duty as conduits for wiring, keeping it safely out of the way. When seconds count, you can stow the gear you need and access it quickly with the Tri-Max Space Body Design.

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QuickLink™ Electrical System

Electrical repairs are simplified with the plug-n-play QuickLink Electrical System. We grouped the multiplexing nodes in two locations, front and rear, so you can locate them and make repairs more easily. Simply unplug the needed or damaged harness and plug in the new one—no wire cutting or splicing required. The QuickLink Electrical System is especially convenient for fleets that have multiple trucks to maintain, saving them valuable time and money.

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Ergonomic Equipment Rack

We designed our exclusive Ergonomic Equipment Rack with one arm to allow cabinet access on the same side of the truck when deployed and for safer maneuvering around it. This enhanced ergonomic design gains 10 inches more shelf space on the body. Rated to carry more weight than the industry standard—the Ergonomic Equipment Rack can load more equipment and be installed on both sides of the truck.

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Ergon™ Hose Loader

Easily load and store hose with the Ergon Hose Loader (EHL), available on aerials and pumpers. Instead of loading on top of the truck, a hydraulically actuated tray extends and retracts from the back of the body, reserving the crew’s energy and making storage safer with no climbing necessary. It’s an easier, faster and more ergonomic way to load and unload hoses, all made possible with the Ergon Hose Loader, exclusively from Spartan ER.

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