Submit Your Photos for your Chance to get some Spartan Swag

Our customers love their vehicles, and it shows! Some of the best photo content we use in brochures, on social media, and in print materials come from you. Let us see what you’ve got. We’d love to thank you with some Spartan logoed gear!




  • Choose a visually subtle location that you feel represents your area or district.
  • Make sure the location is clean, with minimal distracting elements such as people, utility poles, trash cans, bright colors, complex patterns, etc.
  • Make sure background elements don’t interfere with the primary subject, meaning it should not appear that something is protruding from or attached to the apparatus that shouldn’t be.
  • Use the Rule of Thirds, where the primary subject in the scene sits along “third” lines instead of horizontal or other lines cutting the image in half.


Angles & Positions

  • Horizontal angle: A full side view or 3/4 front view (which shows most of the side) is best.
  • Vertical angle: A downward shot will capture more features, particularly for aerials and platforms; and upward angle will give more dramatic effect. A flat angle provides the best overall balance for most shots.
  • Try to showcase any prominent or unique features on your apparatus when possible.
  • Be far enough away from the vehicle to allow for ample space from the edge of the photo on all sides. DO NOT CUT OFF ANY PART OF THE APPARATUS!

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