Custom built to a higher standard.

Choosing the right pumper is a decision that has far reaching implications. After all, they are the heart of your fleet, whether that’s one or one hundred. You want it engineered and built to meet your needs today, and to handle the challenges your department and community will face years from now.

Our full line of custom pumpers built on a custom chassis are among the strongest in the industry and feature the industry’s #1 rated cab safety system. Each configuration features our exclusive body structure and mounting system offering a durable framework that delivers more compartment space, a lower center of gravity, ergonomic controls and increased serviceability and excellent handling and drivability.

At a Glance

  • Also available on commercial chassis
  • Metro Star chassis 380-500 hp
  • Gladiator chassis 400-600 hp
  • Stainless steel or aluminum body construction
  • 500 to 1,500 gal tank capacity as standard with larger options available
  • Waterous, Darley, or Hale Pump options
  • Spartan’s 1-touch CAFS and other foam systems available
  • Vibra-Torq body mounting system with 20-year body warranty*
  • Compartment depths (12.5" or 25.5" Upper/25.5" lower)
  • Space-saving frame to provide greater storage capacity
  • Spartan
  • Smeal

Pump gpm

Up to 2,250 gpm

Water tank capacity

500 to 1,500 gal

Horsepower capabilities

380 to 600 hp

Safety Innovations

Eight Air Bag Positions

Eight airbag positions, the most offered by any manufacturer, including knee and side curtain airbags. These give your apparatus the highest available impact and anti-ejection protection on the market.

Side impact protection:

Protects all occupants from side impact collisions, rollovers and occupant ejection. The only company in the industry whose airbags protect cab occupants from side impacts.

Driver knee airbags:

Protects against injuries resulting from hitting the instrument panel or other interior points of contact. Locks the lower body in place so the upper body can be slowed and protected by the steering wheel airbag.

Full side curtain airbags:

Protects from a side impact or a rollover with airbags up to three times larger than other manufacturers. Each rear side airbag is custom-sized for the crew area of every cab built, with the largest rear side airbag covering seven times the area of any other manufacturer.

Spartan Advanced Protection System

The Spartan Advanced Protection System® (APS) is a set of features designed to keep firefighters.  This market-leading system includes:

Frontal Airbags
In the event of a frontal collision,  knee and steering wheel airbags deploy and protect against injuries resulting from hitting the instrument panel or other interior points of contact. The lower body is locked in place so the upper body can be slowed and protected by the steering wheel airbag.

Side Roll Airbags
When an unrecoverable rollover is detected, side airbags deploy and protects all occupants from rollovers with the most advanced side roll airbag protection system.

Advanced Seatbelts
Innovative seat belt systems pulls the occupant into the seat in the event of an impact or rollover using a pretensioner system that dramatically reduces restraint system injuries.

Industry-First Outboard Sensors

State-of-the-art outboard sensors protect occupants from multi-angle impacts in the cab. These sensors are mounted at the outer perimeter of the cab providing a “zone of safety” inside the cab. Each sensor communicates back to the restraint control module that monitors which airbag should deploy and under what conditions.

Advanced Seatbelts

Pulls the occupant into the seat in the event of an impact, or rollover using pyrotechnic pretensioners that provide more force during the initial lock. After the occupant is pulled into the seat, load limiters release some of the webbing to control the occupant’s deceleration into the airbag system, helping to mitigate the strain on each occupant, further reducing seatbelt-related injuries.

Cab Construction

Spartan offers flat, 5″, 10″, 20″, and 24″ raised roof options that are reinforced with C-channel supports. As well as multiple seating configurations to provide your crew with extended legroom, improved visibility, additional storage and provides extra safety from triple-reinforced box front bulkhead, engine compartment, front and rear step assemblies.

360 Camera

At Spartan, we face reality head on with cabs that feature the most advanced safety provisions available in the market today. Designed and purpose-built for firefighters, the 360 camera is a forward-thinking safety apparatus , developed around the needs of the first responder.




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