In some regions, it’s almost always wildland season, and our Type 3 or 4 pumper line is prepared for the unique and extreme challenges of wildland firefighting.  Available on either 4×2 or 4×4 commercial chassis, these wildland trucks are built using the same, high-strength corrosion-resistant materials and cutting edge engineering as other Spartan products including a unique body mount style that allows independent flexing of the body, subframe, and chassis for superior performance and a long service life.

We know all the in’s and out’s that make a Type 3 or 4 ready for wildlands: auxiliary pumps with in-cab controls, booster reels, bumper turrets, ground sweeps, and more. So whether you’re customizing to the max or working to hit a tough budget, we can configure a Type III that’s ideal for you.

This is clearly the most versatile wildland fire engine on the market. We took the best the industry has to offer and made it better to create this mini-monster, equipped to handle even the harshest terrains. It features a 750 gpm two-stage pump, seating for five, and our world class multiplexed electrical system, delivering unmatched firefighting efficiency.

At a Glance

  • Commercial chassis
  • High strength aluminum body
  • 750 GPM two-stage pump
  • 500 or 750 US gallon tank capacity
  • Pump and roll capable with foam
  • Side or rear mount pump configurations
  • Available in 2 and 4-wheel drive configurations
  • Roll-up or hinged doors
  • Smeal
  • Spartan

Pump GPM

up to 750 gpm

Water Tank Capacity

up to 750 gal

Pump Locations

side or rear mount