Spartan’s Tankers are custom designed and built to carry and deliver a maximum amount of water to the scene without the need to a large crew to accomplish the job.  Both the Spartan and UST Tankers are easy-to-operate with the department’s requirements in mind and available with or without a pump.

In response to market demand, the APR poly tanks are 3/4” with no additional outer layer, making this apparatus lighter than most in the industry. Because the tank is lighter, there is more available weight for water and equipment.

Our Tankers are engineered for a wide variety of applications and demanding applications ranging from suburban to rural, from wildland to urban-interface operational needs.  When your application needs a large amount of water, Spartan’s Tankers answer the call.

At a Glance

  • Custom or commercial chassis
  • Wetside, Dryside, and Elliptical configurations
  • Full width, narrow, rectangular tank designs
  • Full depth compartments available
  • Roll-up or hinged coors
  • Up to 80 cubic ft. of hose bed storage
  • Variety of ladder and hard suction racks, manual or electric options
  • Adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, SCBA storage and tool boards
  • Optional 3-way dump system to ensure use of all water
  • Spartan

Water Tank Capacity

1500 to 4000 gal