Spartan Emergency Response Wins Seven New Unit Add-On Order In Lincoln, Nebraska

CHARLOTTE, Mich.May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Spartan Emergency Response (“Spartan ER”), a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPAR) (“Spartan” or the “Company”), secured an add-on order for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, for seven (7) Spartan Star Pumpers. The additional order comes just two years after a previous order from the City’s Fire Department for four top-mount pumpers and two 105′ aerials from the fire apparatus manufacturer.

The City’s ongoing relationship with Smeal, a Spartan ER brand, is part of Lincoln’s commitment to expand, improve and modernize its fire protection assets. The Lincoln Fire Department currently operates several Spartan fire trucks and maintains an established relationship with the local Spartan team through its dealer, Feld Fire.

“We support the men and women on the front line who protect and serve the community, as well as the administration’s dedicated efforts to expand fire and rescue within the city,” said Todd Fierro, President of Spartan ER. “By taking part in the growth of the Lincoln Fire Department, we align with the goals of the City to positively impact and better serve the community with our brand’s reputation and focus on prioritized safety.”

The Spartan Star Pumpers, built in Brandon, South Dakota, are equipped with a stainless-steel tubular body structure, improving structural stability. The Star Pumpers feature the Vibra-Torq body-mount system, which reduces vibration and provides a smoother ride, longer vehicle life and less maintenance, which serves to minimize downtime. The pumpers’ exteriors are painted with the Company’s precise, nine-step paint process, which delays corrosion, rust, and other oxidation from weather and environmental corrosives.

Spartan has ties to the Lincoln area through its acquisition of Nebraska-based Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. (“Smeal”) in December 2016. Founded in 1955, Smeal and its subsidiaries, U.S.T. and Ladder Tower, are leaders and innovators in fire truck manufacturing and vehicle technology, offering a full line of aerial ladders and platforms (including Squrt®, TeleSqurt®, and Snorkel®), tractor-drawn aerials, pumpers, stainless steel tankers and wildland urban interface vehicles.