A custom chassis with commercial appeal.

The Spartan FC-94 is purpose-built to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations with a spacious and ergonomic cab designed to keep your crew safe while delivering superior maneuverability. This new custom chassis is anything but commercial and will change the way you respond.

Purpose built to handle the heavy-duty requirements of pumpers, tankers, and rescues, the FC-94 is an NFPA compliant all-aluminum 94″ wide cab built to keep crews comfortable and safe with high roof lines, flat floors, multiple seat and storage options, and a cramp angle that will deliver superior maneuverability in tight and congested areas.

At a Glance

  • 94" wide aluminum cab
  • 2-door (LTD) and 4-door (MFD) cabs
  • 380 and 450 HP engines
  • 10" raised roof
  • 50˚ cramp angle
  • Custom switch panel layout
  • 6” or 24” front bumper extension
  • 171" standard wheelbase
  • Heavy-duty aluminum dash
  • Spartan


The Spartan FC-94 offers fire departments a cab and chassis custom designed to meet their specific mission critical requirements.

Vocation Emergency
Cab Width 94″ Spacious cab
Crew Width 87″ Increased crew space
Interior 65″ Crew
57.7″ Front
More space and better visibility
Head Room (Driver & Officer) 47″ More head room
Cramp Angle 50° Increased maneuverability
Rear GAWR Single: Up to 31.5k
Tandem: Up to 48k
Strength, Designed for heavy-duty applications
Interior Finish Aluminum Durable, heavy-duty

Safety Innovations

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Cab

Construction methods and material selections are optimized to bring you the most robust frame on the market  to hold up to the rigors and punishment dished out by hard-working fire departments.

  • Reinforced roof structure
  • C-Channel roof support
  • Reinforced engine compartment
  • Reinforced front and rear step assemblies

Crash Test

Single accidents are simulated in the toughest and most realistic safety test in which the cab is subjected to rigorous tests designed to simulate realistic driving conditions as closely as possible.

Cab Strength

Accidents are simulated in which the cab is subjected to rigorous tests designed to simulate realistic driving conditions as closely as possible to monitor safety.




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